Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peer Review for RA

Hello class,

As you know, we'll be conducting a peer review class on Thursday.  Your presence is REQUIRED--it is absolutely essential that you attend class on peer review day.  You should all have received an email from me outlining the instructions, but just to reiterate, here they are again:

1)  Read the rubric for the RA before you start to read your classmates' essays.  This will be helpful in looking for the more GLOBAL issues, which are all illuminated in the rubric. (However, please do NOT give your classmates a "grade" of any sort.)

2)  You will be giving a marked-up version of each of your classmates' RAs back to them--you can either print this out, write on it, and give it back to them by hand, or use the "track changes" and "comments" features of Microsoft Word and email it back to them.  Either way, all of you should receive a marked-up copy of your manuscript back from each one of your classmates in your group.  Ergo, be sure to take notes of what you think of you classmates' RAs as you read them.

2)  When looking at your classmates' RAs, first look for things they do WELL.  Come up with a list of them.  Be sure to write them down so you can remember to mention them during the workshop.

3)  Answer the question of "If this were your paper, what changes would you make?"  Be as specific as possible.

4)  Point out any other global issues that you think the author might want to be aware of (again, if you are wondering what issues to look for, refer to the RA rubric).

5)  You want to be helpful to your classmates, but you want to be kind as well.  Hopefully they will do the same for you.

6)  If you have any questions about the review process, or if any of the attachments don't work, please email me.  I'll be glad to clarify anything!  I know this will probably take a lot of you out of your comfort zone, but that's okay, guys--it can definitely be worth it!  (And, like punctuation, it builds character!)

Happy Peer Reviewing, and I'll see you all on Thursday.


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