Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Prompt for THURSDAY

Hello alls,

You have a blog post due THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT (even though we will have no official class on that day because of conferences).  Your assignment is to analyze a piece of rhetoric (it can be whatever you want--a TV show, a speech, an article, a blog post, even the article you analyzed for your RA, whatever) and then attempt to make an OUTLINE of the piece--the intro, the main points, the conclusion, whether there are pathetic appeals, counterarguments, etc.  Good outlining!

And you DO have to comment this week!


IP conference schedule

Hello class,

Here's the schedule for IP con fences with me, this Wednesday and Thursday in 3004 JKB (same place as always).

11:00 Ashlyn
11:15 Sidney
11:30 Abby
11:45 Liz
12:00 Madi
12:15 Molly
12:30 Sara
12:45 Taylor
1:30 Connor

9:00 Candace
9:15 Kim
9:30 Megan B
9:45 Nick
10:00 Meghan S
10:15 Andrew
10:30 Natalie
10:45 Kendall

This of course means that there will be no official class on Thursday--just conferences. Also, remember that Friday is a Research/Writing day--it will be IN THE LIBRARY, 2232 (the same room we've been meeting in).

Also, Punctuation 5 will be due on Friday, so be sure to bring the to class (Claire and Sydney--I gave Ashlyn new copies of the exercise, so be sure to get them from her and complete them before Friday).

As always, if one of those times doesn't work for you, email me and we'll set something up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Penguin Handbooks

Hello class,

It is important that you bring your Penguin Handbooks to class tomorrow.  Please do so.  Thanks.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Background Sources

Hello alls,

As you should be aware, you have an assignment due by midnight tomorrow--5 background sources.  While I think the syllabus says to email them to me, please post them to your blog instead (it makes things much easier).  Repeat:  do not email the 5 background sources to me--instead, post them on your blog (if you've already emailed them to me, which some of you have, that is fine, but I would like you to post it to your blog as well).

However, you are not required to comment on these posts.  And, since no other posts were assigned this week, you are not required to comment at all on any blogs this week (so this is a week off from commenting, as it were).

Now, about the sources.  I don't want anything fancy--not even MLA format in this case.  Just give me the name of the article/entry/whatever, along with the name of the author (if there is one), and the URL (if there is one).  Thats really all I'm looking for.  No summary, no analysis, just the source itself.

And I'm looking for BACKGROUND sources here--which means you probably won't cite them explicitly in your paper.  Background sources are more for broadening your knowledge of the topic you are researching in preparation for writing.  Examples of background sources include nearly everything Rita showed you on Friday in the library, as well as encyclopedia entries, and even Wikipedia (that said, I don't want ALL your background sources to be Wikipedia articles--I'll accept a maximum of two Wikipedia entries, the others have to be from other places).  The idea behind background research is, in addition to broadening your knowledge of the topic, to also point you in the direction of more specific and/or useful and/or credible sources--as was mentioned on Friday, the bibliographies of these articles are usually great places to find real sources to use (including Wikipedia entries--they usually have fairly credible bibliographies).

So--that's the idea.  5 background sources, posted to your blog by midnight tomorrow (Thursday).  No summary, no fluff, just the sources themselves.

Happy Information Hunting!


Friday, March 4, 2011

IP Group Topic Conferences and Blog Prompt

Hello class,

Here is the schedule for Group Topic Conferences.  Remember, we will NOT be having class on Tuesday (instead I will be meeting with those who signed up for those slots).  Also note that while the Tuesday conferences are IN OUR REGULAR CLASSROOM, the Wednesday conferences are IN (OR NEAR) MY OFFICE.

Tuesday 8 March:

10:00  Nick, Taylor, Madi
10:15  Meghan S., Michelle, Candace
10:30  Natalie, Kendall, Megan B.

Wednesday 9 March:

11:00  Ashlyn, Sydney
11:15  Abby, Kimberly
11:30  Liz, Molly, Sara

For those of you who weren't able to sign up for a time, or who couldn't meet me at any of the specified times, please email me and we'll work something out.  I would prefer to meet with all of you at once, to retain to "collaborative" feel of the conference.

Also, remember your blog post due TOMORROW at NOON.  This post should simply be a tentative thesis for your Issues Paper (you may use the thesis generator we used in class on Thursday--you can find that under Course Materials on Blackboard).  I just want to get a gist of where each of you are going in your research.

Have a great weekend!  Good luck researching, and I'll see you all next week.  Let me know if you have any questions, as always.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Prompt: Issues Paper Invention

Hello alls,

So I know I'm posting this rather late (technically you have 10 minutes to get your blog post up...sorry!), and it looks like most of you have already posted yours, but here is the prompt anyway just in case you were wondering/had forgotten/whatever:

Write, essentially, a brainstorm post on a potential topic (or potential topics, plural) for your Issues Paper, relating them in some useful/meaningful way to globalization.  You can do this in whatever way works best for you--webbing, brainstorming, freewriting, lists, whatever.  Good luck with invention, and I'll see you all on Thursday (where, incidentally, we'll talk more about invention...!).