Sunday, January 15, 2012

OpEd Conferences

Hello alls,

The following is the schedule for OpEd conferences this coming week.  A few things:

(1) Note the location of each conference day--some are in my office, others in our classroom.

(2) I'll be critiquing the draft you send me tomorrow night UNLESS you would like me to view an updated draft--if that is the case, be sure to bring that updated draft with you to the conference.

(3) If you are not on the list, please be sure to email me and set up a conference time.

(4) If you need to change times or reschedule, please email me beforehand and let me know.

Ok, so here's the schedule:

Tuesday 17 Jan (in my office--3004 JKB)
3:00 - Ky
3:10 - Tanner
3:20 - Seth

Wednesday 18 Jan (in our classroom--123 HRCB)
2:00 - Owen
2:10 - Katelynn
2:20 - Tessa
2:30 - Carissa
2:40 - Heather
2:50 - Alex

Thursday 19 Jan (in my office--3004 JKB)
12:10 - Chelsea
12:20 - Ruskin "The Boss"
12:30 - McKenna
12:40 - Michelle
12:50 - Rachel

See you guys this week!


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