Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Background Sources

Hello alls,

As you should be aware, you have an assignment due by midnight tomorrow--5 background sources.  While I think the syllabus says to email them to me, please post them to your blog instead (it makes things much easier).  Repeat:  do not email the 5 background sources to me--instead, post them on your blog (if you've already emailed them to me, which some of you have, that is fine, but I would like you to post it to your blog as well).

However, you are not required to comment on these posts.  And, since no other posts were assigned this week, you are not required to comment at all on any blogs this week (so this is a week off from commenting, as it were).

Now, about the sources.  I don't want anything fancy--not even MLA format in this case.  Just give me the name of the article/entry/whatever, along with the name of the author (if there is one), and the URL (if there is one).  Thats really all I'm looking for.  No summary, no analysis, just the source itself.

And I'm looking for BACKGROUND sources here--which means you probably won't cite them explicitly in your paper.  Background sources are more for broadening your knowledge of the topic you are researching in preparation for writing.  Examples of background sources include nearly everything Rita showed you on Friday in the library, as well as encyclopedia entries, and even Wikipedia (that said, I don't want ALL your background sources to be Wikipedia articles--I'll accept a maximum of two Wikipedia entries, the others have to be from other places).  The idea behind background research is, in addition to broadening your knowledge of the topic, to also point you in the direction of more specific and/or useful and/or credible sources--as was mentioned on Friday, the bibliographies of these articles are usually great places to find real sources to use (including Wikipedia entries--they usually have fairly credible bibliographies).

So--that's the idea.  5 background sources, posted to your blog by midnight tomorrow (Thursday).  No summary, no fluff, just the sources themselves.

Happy Information Hunting!



Sara Ann Kenley said...

Hey. So, what exactly do we have to do for the annotated bibliography task sheet? Are we supposed to have that ready for class tomorrow or just look over it?
-sara k

Christopher/The Instructor said...

Just look over it.