Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IP conference schedule

Hello class,

Here's the schedule for IP con fences with me, this Wednesday and Thursday in 3004 JKB (same place as always).

11:00 Ashlyn
11:15 Sidney
11:30 Abby
11:45 Liz
12:00 Madi
12:15 Molly
12:30 Sara
12:45 Taylor
1:30 Connor

9:00 Candace
9:15 Kim
9:30 Megan B
9:45 Nick
10:00 Meghan S
10:15 Andrew
10:30 Natalie
10:45 Kendall

This of course means that there will be no official class on Thursday--just conferences. Also, remember that Friday is a Research/Writing day--it will be IN THE LIBRARY, 2232 (the same room we've been meeting in).

Also, Punctuation 5 will be due on Friday, so be sure to bring the to class (Claire and Sydney--I gave Ashlyn new copies of the exercise, so be sure to get them from her and complete them before Friday).

As always, if one of those times doesn't work for you, email me and we'll set something up.

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