Thursday, January 6, 2011

Assignment and Prompt # 2

Hello class,

Remember your reading assignment for tomorrow:  find three blogs that interest you (Google search is the best way to go--you can search specifically for blogs, or search for sites that have lists of blogs e.g. "top ten nursing blogs," "top 100 creative writing blogs," "best Starcraft 2 blogs," etc.), read the past 5 posts or so on each of the blogs, and come to class tomorrow prepared to discuss

  1. what each of the blogs is about (purpose)
  2. who each blog is written for (audience)
  3. what you like/don't like about how the bloggers present their ideas (good/bad format, boring prose, good multimedia and links, etc.)
Also, the remaining three OpEd groups from today will present their OpEds at the beginning of class tomorrow.


Your next blog post is due by tomorrow (Friday 7th) at midnight.  It will be a brainstorm post on the topic(s) you are considering for your Opinion Editorial.  Review the SG 1-15 for guidelines on the OpEd.  For this class, we'll say that each of you are writing your OpEd as if you were writing it for the Daily Universe, meaning that your "audience" will be BYU students, faculty, professors, and so forth.  Your topic, given that parameter, may be whatever you wish (preferably something you feel strongly about).

So:  1-3 paragraphs of brainstorming, due tomorrow at midnight!

And, of course, don't forget to comment on each others' blogs!


Kendall Grafiada said...

How do we write paragraphs when brainstorming topics? I assumed it would be a sort of list.

Christopher/The Instructor said...

Sorry for the late response, Kendall. You can structure the brainstorm post in any way you want; but if you ARE going to use paragraphs, I would prefer the block format.