Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Post # 3

Hello class,

I know this is late, but I'm assuming you all got the message in class today.  You have a blogpost due by midnight tonight; once again, the post revolves around your OpEd.  Write a brief purpose statement/paragraph (or two) that outlines what you plan to do in your Opinion Editorial assignment.  Helpful things to include:  the rhetorical situation behind your OpEd (issue, writer, reader, purpose, etc.), where in the rhetorical lifecycle your issue is, why you think it is kairotic, potential counterarguments that you may need to address, specific examples of how you're going to prove your point/convince your audience, and so forth.

Also, remember that from now on each post of yours should include at least one form of rhetoric OTHER than writing (which may include, but is certainly not limited to, links, videos, and pictures).  Remember the copyright basics we discussed in class last week when determining what multimedia forms to use in your blog.

Finally, I've embedded a YouTube video on how to embed YouTube videos on your blog (whoa . . . trippy).  Its not the most high quality or informative video I've seen, but it should get you going.  Here it is:

Also, when embedding videos you may find that the video is too large for your blog when you publish the post (i.e. it extends beyond the blog post panel into other panels and areas of your blog).  There's an easy fix to this:  when in the "Edit HTML" version of your post, there are two areas that say "height:" and "width:"  Mess around with these numbers to get the size that fits your blogpost panel.

And, just for fun, and because the previous video reminds me of it, here is "Shane singing five octaves on the piano" (a YouTube classic!).  Enjoy!


Kimberly Joseph said...

What does read PH 1-22 mean?

Christopher/The Instructor said...

Read pages 1-22 of the Penguin Handbook (PH).