Monday, January 17, 2011

OpEd Conference Times

Hello class,

Here are the scheduled conferences I have so far.  If you haven't signed up for one of these times (I know a few of you weren't here on Friday), respond to this post with the time you would like--you'll notice there are a number of spots open; you can sign up for any of those.  And, if none of these times work for you, just email me and we can figure something out!

But, before I give you the schedule, a few things regarding your OpEd conferences (and conferences in general):  1) don't be intimidated (not that you would be, but in the off chance you are...)--its just a discussion on how to make your paper better.  2) come witha  few questions and/or concerns that you have about your paper that we can discuss--I'll read your paper before hand and will probably have some comments, but I want to know what you are thinking and what your concerns are as well.

Okay, so only two things.  But there you go.  Now, the schedule:

Tuesday 18 Jan:

10:00 - Candace
10:10 - Megan
10:20 - Abby
10:30 -
10:40 - Nick
10:50 - Taylor

12:00 - Ashlyn
12:10 -
12:20 -
12:30 - Andrew
12:40 -
12:50 -
1:00 - Connor
1:10 - Molly
1:20 - Natalie

Wednesday 19 Jan:
10:30 -
10:40 -
10:50 -
11:00 - Kimberly
11:10 - Sara
11:20 - Michelle
11:30 - LIz
11:40 -
11:50 - Madi

And remember, ALL CONFERENCES ARE IN 3004 JKB.  Looking forward to meeting with all of you!


Kendall Grafiada said...

I would love 12:40 tomorrow if possible! Thanks!

Christopher/The Instructor said...

Sounds good, Kendall. See you at 12:40.

Kendall Grafiada said...

Running late! But I'm 2 minutes away!

Word On The Street said...

Hey sorry, i missed mine. My mind just blanked. Could we meet at 11:40 wednesday?

Christopher/The Instructor said...

Yes, 11:40 sounds good. See you then!